Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More proof that Tuesdays SUCK BIG ONES

I played hooky yesterday. Yeah I know. EXTRA long weekend for me. BONUS!
But what I came back to....not so much. You should SEE what happened to good old workplace. Let's just say floors 11 through 16 of a 20 floor building are pretty much gone. Water. Everywhere. Ceiling tiles. Now floor tiles. The place is a mess. The ladies restrooms on 13 (where I work...and spare me the unlucky bullshit...I already know as this was the floor I used to work on) they are unuseable. You have to go up one floor (via elevator - because the place I work...really really wants their employees to be healthy, but refuses to open the stair wells for fear we will start smoking pot or shooting heroin in the stairwells) to use the restroom...which now, is being used by every female on 14, 13 and 15 and I'm pretty sure 12, 11 and 16. GROOOOOSSSSS!! I will try to take some pics tomorrow to see if I can capture the "Boy In The Bubble"ness that is going on. Anyone ever see OUtbreak? Yah, that's what I feel like.

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