Monday, July 21, 2008

It's been an expensive weekend...

Yeah so payday was Friday and I think I have successfully spent all of my money. Thank the good lord above that Erik gets paid tomorrow. Here is what I have spent some serious cash on in the past 4 days:

Parking, lunch, dinner and drinks (not that this should count or anything but it just enhances it)

Wii Fit, Guitar Hero Aerosmith for PS3, Guitar to play GHA, small bag of groceries to make Weight Watcher Oreo Cheesecakes for Erik's birthday ($20!!! Are you serious? Splenda is some expensive shit)

4 tickets to The Dark Knight, Large ass popcorn for 2, 2 even larger ass soda's.

Rails and hooks for the Great Kitchen Redo '08, magnetic knife rack for GKR '08, carpet for the Great Hallway Redo '08(started this bad boy project in the early parts of this year), lunch for 3 starving people at Quaker Steak (OMG - they have the best new flavor for wings - Dusted Salt and Vinegar - tastes like Chicken Salt N Vinegar potato chips), and oh yeah - An Apple iPhone for moi!!!!! I have to wait 10 to 21 days for the Direct Fulfillment to happen. I am too excited about this! So excited I came home and took a nap. It was lovely!

Kam and Erik are playing on the Wii fit right now as I sit on my flat duff typing this. That too is lovely.

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Tim said...

Did you win some lawsuit with Sprinkles I should know about?

I saw.. that's right MoFos, treat yourself once in awhile!