Monday, July 21, 2008

It's been an expensive weekend...

Yeah so payday was Friday and I think I have successfully spent all of my money. Thank the good lord above that Erik gets paid tomorrow. Here is what I have spent some serious cash on in the past 4 days:

Parking, lunch, dinner and drinks (not that this should count or anything but it just enhances it)

Wii Fit, Guitar Hero Aerosmith for PS3, Guitar to play GHA, small bag of groceries to make Weight Watcher Oreo Cheesecakes for Erik's birthday ($20!!! Are you serious? Splenda is some expensive shit)

4 tickets to The Dark Knight, Large ass popcorn for 2, 2 even larger ass soda's.

Rails and hooks for the Great Kitchen Redo '08, magnetic knife rack for GKR '08, carpet for the Great Hallway Redo '08(started this bad boy project in the early parts of this year), lunch for 3 starving people at Quaker Steak (OMG - they have the best new flavor for wings - Dusted Salt and Vinegar - tastes like Chicken Salt N Vinegar potato chips), and oh yeah - An Apple iPhone for moi!!!!! I have to wait 10 to 21 days for the Direct Fulfillment to happen. I am too excited about this! So excited I came home and took a nap. It was lovely!

Kam and Erik are playing on the Wii fit right now as I sit on my flat duff typing this. That too is lovely.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More proof that Tuesdays SUCK BIG ONES

I played hooky yesterday. Yeah I know. EXTRA long weekend for me. BONUS!
But what I came back to....not so much. You should SEE what happened to good old workplace. Let's just say floors 11 through 16 of a 20 floor building are pretty much gone. Water. Everywhere. Ceiling tiles. Now floor tiles. The place is a mess. The ladies restrooms on 13 (where I work...and spare me the unlucky bullshit...I already know as this was the floor I used to work on) they are unuseable. You have to go up one floor (via elevator - because the place I work...really really wants their employees to be healthy, but refuses to open the stair wells for fear we will start smoking pot or shooting heroin in the stairwells) to use the restroom...which now, is being used by every female on 14, 13 and 15 and I'm pretty sure 12, 11 and 16. GROOOOOSSSSS!! I will try to take some pics tomorrow to see if I can capture the "Boy In The Bubble"ness that is going on. Anyone ever see OUtbreak? Yah, that's what I feel like.

Konversations with Kam

Kam: I know what's after 8:50.
Me: Oh yeah?
Kam: Yeah 9 o'clock is the new 10.
Me: 9 o'clock is the new 10?
Kam: staaaaaaaaaaahp iiiiiit.
Me (all confused about WTF just happened for me to get yelled at).

I'm still that like pink is the new black? 30 is the new 20?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In's always Monday

I swear...Tuesdays anymore are my Mondays. I absolutely hate them!

For example, here is a look at how my day went today (**NOTE: Keep in mind, it is Tuesday, not Monday, but when you are done, you will surely be thinking, Wait it Monday?**)

1. Apparently, I forget how to dress myself. I was dressed a total of 4 hours BEFORE I realized the zipper was down on my capri's.

2. Yesterday (a.k.a. The Real Monday) ~ I was feeling a bit froggy and decided to work this beast of a Provision Build at work. (Don't ask what it is - it's better that you NOT know). Guess who is still working it today? Yeah - me. Guess who will still be working it tomorrow? Yeah - me. Although I have already set my mind to finishing it by 7 am. I will, gosh darn it.

3. As if totally draining all brain power at work wasn't enough, I am in the middle of what I am dubbing "The Great Kitchen Re-do '08" - could possibly extend into "The Great Kitchen Re-do '09" if you have met me and my "home improvement" projects. The cabinets are done and now it is on to priming the walls which are this hideous 70's type material. So that should take about 2 or 3 coats of Kilz BEFORE I can even THINK about painting. Good news on the painting front - I only have to paint from 3 feet and above as I am putting bead board up. Too bad for the next owner (unless of course you are the next owner, then please know those walls are painted Teepee Brown all of the way down to the floor). Anyway ~ I digress ~ I went to pick up the pantry that had to be put together. Managed to do that all by myself AND the first time at that! Then I moved onto removing the range hood. Seemed like a good idea. Not sure WHY I thought the light and fan magically worked on their own. Wadda ya know? They are connected to some power supply. So here I am all by myself holding up this heavy, dirty range hood trying to screw it back in. 3 of the 4 screws are back idea where that 4th one went. Don't really care at this point either. And oh yes, all of this AFTER a shower. Smart Les, real smart.

4. My laptop has decided it no longer wants to pick up my wireless network and I have no idea how to fix it. I have disconnected, reconnected, diagnosed the "problem" (even though I still don't know what the "problem" is), unplugged the modem et al. Still no clue. So now I sit in the smelly ManCave basement (I knew there was a reason why I don't come down here)....not too happy.

5. Kam is running around the house singing something about being at the circus and she will be freezing by the time I am finished with this. We will just see about this.

Following is a list of positives about today:
1. Tomorrow is Wednesday and is the last day I have to go to work until Monday. The end.