Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm here

Long time no see...err type....err read. Whatever!

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately and I can finally talk about some of the happenings.

I had an interview last week for the same unit I am in, just a higher grade level, and yes, more money. I wasn't going to bid on it but my friend said that I better. She was right. I found out today that I got the job. It hasn't been officially announced yet - my supervisor - or soon to be ex-supervisor (she's leaving the unit...tomorrow is her last day) needs to talk to one other guy in the unit about why he didn't get the job. She told me that the time that I put in as a TSS in my old claims processing unit is what gave me the edge. That fucking job finally paid off. That job was the bain of my existence. I hated work, hated the people, hated everything about the job except for lunch time....and that was only because I didn't have to hang out with anyone from the unit. So yay me! **pats self on back**

My friend Becky and I were talking about how we should have taken before and after pictures of our weight loss - this topic came up because our old Sales Rep from above mentioned awful unit was telling the Group Administrators (also of said Awful Group) how wonderful Becky and I look and how much weight we lost. So we were on a mission to find some old pictures. I found a ton of me.....and let's just say....BLECH. I don't know how Erik stayed with me. He must love me because EEEE GODS!!! At any rate, Becky made an email and sent it off to the Group Administrators....along with half of the old unit, all of the unit I just left and a few others....including the lead girl at the Fitness Center. Turns out, Lauren (girl at the fitness center) is looking for people to come and speak about their success stories from the Fitness Center at their Birthday Celebration. Guess who will be speaking? Yep - me and Becky. So I guess I have her to thank....although Lauren has already informed me that it will entail them showing the pictures. EEEKKK! I don't know why this makes me so leary...I mean, I walked around the Earth looking like that, it's not like it was some big giant secret I was overweight or anything. So I have decided, that to help get over this, I will post them here. Not that more then about 5 people read this thing, but at least the idea of the "possibility" of millions of people being able to look at it will make me feel a tiny bit here goes



To date, I have lost 70 pounds. That is equivalent to an 11 year old that I know. Holy smokes.

Anyway, Kam turns the big 6 Saturday and she will not let anyone forget about it. This weekend is going to be filled with cake and presents.....All.Weekend.Long. Saturday starts the festivities with Hannah Montana....$30 for a kids cake is a little excessive but 1). I am getting it from Bethel Bakery...deeeeelicious. and 2). She's worth every penny. Here's her cake (minus the Leanna bullshit of course)

Pretty nice, huh? I mean, as far as Hannah Montana cakes go.

So that's Saturday. Sunday is High School Musical. I have no idea what the cake looks like for this party as Erik's cousin is in charge of this one. All I know is that the cake will not be as delicious as the Hannah Montana one.....

On Monday it's off to Idlewild...where, thanks to Debby, I am scared out of my mind that me or someone in my family is going to get bitten by a spider and/or tick. I made sure I stopped at Rite Aid today and picked up the heavy duty Off Spray with 100% DEET just to be sure. More to follow on that excursion some time next week/month/year....depending on when I get around to it.

So that's about it, in a nutshell. I have to get Kam ready to go sleep over Big Grammo's house tonight as they are driving bright and early tomorrow morning to pick up Ruthie.


Sean said...

As one of your five readers, congrats on the promotion and for losing so much weight!

Antonio said...

Congratulation, and to looking after itself(himself,herself) very much. Bicycle and few fats in the eaten ones.

Cordial regards

~d said...

Be proud of those pics.. those are inspiring!

When I head back.. I'm trying again thanks to you.

ANd.. spider bite? Nope.. both HAD TO BE DEER TICS..
be safe..
may the deet be with you..
and congrats on the job! Yee haw!! d

~d said...
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Shelby said...

You do look tremendous. Congrats on the promotion, too, friend!

Tim said...

Wow... Great job on the promotion... guess who will be buying the Pirates tickets now... jk... and great before and after picture too! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Carrie said...

I don't know why it has taken me so long to make it over to your blog? I've been missing out!!

You look AMAZING!! Those pictures are incredible.
And then the new're on a roll--hmmm, maybe you should buy a lottery ticket?!